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VetPD Webinar - Challenging Endocrine Cases: Can Experts agree to disagree?

Webinar Series on New Developments in Endocrinology Session 5: Challenging Endocrine Cases:  Can Experts agree to disagree?
Speaker: Ellen Berhend DACVIM, Jacqui Whittemore DACVIM & Shelly Olin DACVIM
Live-Stream: 29th of April, 2 hours
Join a bevy of endocrine aficionados for a rousing discussion of endocrine cases. We will bravely go where others fear to tread - whether it be a 70 kg Addisonian with gastrointestinal signs on a budget, a hyperlipidemic, Cushinoid diabetic schnauzer with acute pancreatitis, or the acromegalic diabetic cat on 34 units of insulin BID. If time allows, we also will field questions regarding prior sessions from attendees