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Nesto Congress – Fever of unknown origin: a comprehensive approach

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On 10 December 2022, Nesto will be organizing its second congress, focusing on fever of unknown origin (FUO).

Identifying the cause of a fever of unknown origin often proves to be very challenging. When working up a FUO patient, various factors should be taken into account. Therefore FUO will be discussed from a neurological, cardiological and internal medicine point of view, continuously underlining the importance of a correct – and preferably early – diagnosis.

Speakers and topics for veterinarians:

Lisa Stammeleer – Diplomate Internal Medicine

How to work-up FUO patients, based on real-life cases: a diagnostic approach.
Travel-related diseases and FUO.

Kenny Bossens – Diplomate Neurology

​Infectious diseases and FUO: a neurological point of view.

Valérie Bavegems – PhD Cardiology

Mitral valve endocardiosis, or endocarditis? Aortic valve stenosis, or aortic endocarditis? Or even myocarditis? How to differentiate them?

Britt Vanmal – Certificate Internal Medicine

​FUO: a hands-on approach.

Speakers and topics for veterinary assistants:

Lisa Stammeleer – Diplomate Internal Medicine

​Fever and hyperthermia: differences and treatments.

Blood and urine tests: methodology and interpretation of test results.