Since 2009 SAVAB-Flanders yearly attributes an award to a Flemish small animal practitioner who made a difference in the veterinary world. This award honours a colleague for his/her accomplishments in raising the image of the veterinary profession.

These achievements can vary widely. He/she can have specialized in a specific discipline of veterinary medicine or pioneered some research. He/she can have distuingished him/herself in collegiality, by behaving respectful towards colleagues and offering help where needed. He/she can have a positive attitude which means an additional value for the profession.

The first two award winners were selected by the SAVAB-Flanders board. Since 2011 our members nominate a colleague. Thereafter the board designates the award winner. The prize will always be a piece of art produced by an artistic colleague or his/her partner and will be handed over during the annual SAVAB-Flanders conference.

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