Bernadette Van Ryssen

After a two year internship, Bernadette Van Ryssen received a research grant of the Flemish Institution of Science and Technology (IWT). She finished her PhD on 'Arthroscopy for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteochondrosis in the Dog', at Ghent University in 1996. 

She managed to combine working part-time in private practice and stay connected to the veterinary faculty.

Since 2000 she is full time Professor in Small Animal Orthopedics and is responsible of that Department at the Ghent University. 

Obviously, her main field of interest is arthroscopy & arthrology at Orsami, which is the department of diagnostic imaging and small animal orthopaedics and where since 1990 they have been performing elbow arthroscopies and treated about 2300 dogs for unilateral or bilateral FCP.  

She has several publications on her name and since 2018 she is director of the Commission “Education Quality Control” at the veterinary faculty, being the watchdog for the quality of the veterinary education in all her aspects. 
This commission not only gives advice to the education commission, but handles complaints from students.

SAVAB-Flanders wants to acknowledge Bernadette Van Ryssen

  • not only for her veterinary skills
  • the way she was able to survive in a veterinary field that was mostly dominated by men, and where women have to proof themselves more than men
  • but also for her engagement in the education process at our faculty. No wonder she is well respected and loved by her current and past students.

Congratulations Bernadette!