Dutch Oncology Conference 2018

van 03-02-2018 tot 04-02-2018

First announcement of the Dutch International Oncology Conference 2018, held on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February.
The theme this year will be Tumors of the Respiratory System, "They will take your breath away!" so from the nose all the way down to the diaphragm.

Topics covered:

  • Nasal planum squamous cel carcinoma, cats vs dogs : differences, biological behaviour and clinical presentation, nosectomy, photodynamic therapy, radiotherapy, medical alternatives
  • Feline intranasal lymphoma in cats : RT and/or chemotherapy,
  • Canine intranasal tumors : imaging, CT staging systems, histologic types and prognostic significance, RT and prognosis, has surgery any role?
  • Nasopharyngeal polyps : endoscopic/surgical approach,
  • Canine tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma : why they need a multimodal approach,
  • Mediastinal masses : diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm,
  • Lung tumors in dogs and cats, primary and metastatic : biology and prognostic factors, to cut or not to cut? and how?
  • Osteosarcomas/chondrosarcomas of the thoracic wall : imaging, oncological and surgical perspective.
  • ...

As always, the conference is presented in a warm and friendly atmosphere, accompanied by interaction with many colleagues and industry during the coffee breaks, lunches and at the congress dinner.
4 top speakers confirmed :

  • Dr. Chiara Leo, dipl. ACVIM-CA (Onc), former Animal Oncology and Imaging Center Switserland, former Royal Veterinary College, currently chief oncologist at Novara Instituto Veterinario (IT). Chiara will take care of the medical oncology part of the congress.
  • Dr. Gert Ter Haar, dipl. ECVS, former University of Utrecht, former Royal Veterinary College, currently Specialistische Dierenkliniek Utrecht (NL). Gert will cover the surgery part of the subjects discussed.
  • Dr. Eduardo Auriemma, dipl. ECVDI, former University Utrecht, currently head of the diagnostic imaging department at Novara Instituto Veterinario (IT). Eduardo will be discussing the medical imaging of the respiratory system.
  • Dr. Jérôme Benoit, dipl. ACVR-RO, dipl. ECVDI, former North Carolina State University, currently head of radiotherapy service at ONCOvet (FR). Jérôme will take care of the radiotherapic options in these patients.

The 4 speakers have worked together or are currently working together, meaning that the interaction between them will be an asset to the program. Combined lectures, much appreciated from former years, will be a good part of the conference.
Registration is now open @ www.oncologischtreffen.nl
Venue is - as always - Kontakt der Kontinenten,
Soesterberg (near Utrecht), The Netherlands : hotel room bookings directly on the website of the Kontakt der Kontinenten :