Analgesia, Pain Assessment and Anaesthesia in “Exotics”

van 03-06-2018 tot 03-06-2018

Overview: This series of seminars and interactive sessions will review what we know about pain management in different “exotic” pets. It will focus primarily on those species where there is a sufficient knowledge base to make some clear recommendations on methods of pain assessment and pain management (notably rodent and rabbits), but current recommendations for analgesic use in other species will also be summarized. A summary of current anaesthetic methods for “exotic” pets will also be given, with a particular emphasis on newer anaesthetic agents and techniques and their application in small mammals and birds.

  • 9.00 Coffee and registration
  • 9.30 Pain in animals – what do we know about pain and pain management in different species?
  • 10.15 Assessing pain exotic pets – new techniques and approaches
  • 11.00 Analgesic use in exotic pets
  • 12.00 Anaesthesia of exotics – newer agents and techniques
  • 12.45 Lunch
  • 1.30 Anaesthesia of exotics, continued
  • 2.15 Q and A
  • 2.30 Close

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