Rudy De Meester

Rudy De Meester is receiving the SAVAB-Flanders award 2013. The award is given to a colleague of whom we think he or she has done something more than just being a regular vet. For sure, Rudy, who passed away October 2012, was a person like that.

Rudy could not stand aside. As a board member in professional organizations he was always on the run trying to improve the position of the vets and the collegiality among them.

During his career he transformed himself from being a vet for large animals into a really interested small animal vet. And what's more, he got caught by a hyperenthusiasm for the field of ethology.

Due to his enormous curiosity and drive he acquired a thorough, internationally gathered, knowledge in ethology. As teaching became his second nature he was always ready to spread his knowledge as far as he could. In a broader sense he tried to apply ethology in the human-animal relation and put the animal welfare on the stand. He was a highly appreciated colleague and lecturer in our country as wel as on international congresses.

The is a Dutch song by Bram Vermeulen which tells about someone who, by moving a stone in a river, changes the way the river will flow in the future. In this way Rudy has put thoughts in people's heads, changed their way of thinking, shifted boundaries an will be with us forever.