Holly Smith

I am Holly Smith, currently working at the Royal Veterinary College in the Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals. I did not start out in neurology, I just wanted to be a theatre nurse! I rotated through all areas of the hospital, until I got the chance to cover a purely theatre position. I thoroughly enjoyed this time, giving me the opportunity to understand the surgical procedures that are carried out on the patients I had been nursing in the ward areas. I did find that I had missed seeing and interacting with conscious patients! I continued to work in the surgical wards that included soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, and neurology. It was not until I had the chance to specialise, that I decided on neurology. I find this subject exciting, interesting, and perplexing! I am always learning as different cases come in, this and the amount of hands-on nursing is what really
keeps me passionate about all things neurology!

As I worked with our neurology patients for longer, I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy facilities and training. I have been lucky to be involved in the fund raising and setting up of our hydrotherapy facility and making rehabilitation a vital part of our patients’ treatment back to health and mobility.

When I am not at work, I am trying to keep up with my two sons, two dogs and husband! I sometimes think work feels like a rest, even if it does include rehab on a 70kg Great Dane!