FECAVA: manifest voor een verantwoorde handel in honden


"Trade occurs as a result of supply and demand and technically this is no different if ‘the product’ happens to be a dog. Amongst consumers in Europe, there is a marked mismatch in supply and demand of puppies and adult dogs. Taking into account the fact that the economic value of a dog is usually high and the production costs tend to be kept very low, often at the cost of compromised welfare, this has resulted in a booming industry in Europe.

Although dogs under EU legislation are considered ’goods’, they are sentient animals. The European veterinary profession, here represented by FVE, UEVP and FECAVA, strongly feels that profit should never take priority over animal health and welfare or public health and should never harm the consumer. Therefore we call upon all those involved to work towards a future in which dogs are traded in a respectful and responsible way taking into account the animals’ health and welfare needs."

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