FECAVA Scholarship


Should I stay or should I go? Maak kennis met het FECAVA Scholarship; een uitwisselingsprogramma voor dierenartsen.

Geïnteresseerd om een citytrip te combineren met een bezoek aan een dierenkliniek. Barcelona, Rome, Praag,... Europa ligt aan je voeten. Dierenartsen geïnteresseerd in een uitwisselingsavontuur kunnen zich daarvoor aanmelden bij FECAVA.

Er hangt ook een fikse financiële beloning aan vast, gesponsord door LABOKLIN.

Zo gaat het in zijn werk

A group of veterinarians from, for example, Copenhagen makes a good case for an exchange visit to colleagues in Athens. They submit an initial application to the FECAVA Head Office. FECAVA, together with the Greek FECAVA director, locates a group of colleagues from Athens who are happy to host the Danish visitors.

Both parties, comprising four colleagues from each location, agree on suitable respective programmes for the individual visits and apply for the FECAVA Travel Scholarship. Their application includes information on who they are, how they met and how they plan to organise their visits.

Following selection, and granting of the initial funding, the first visit of the exchange takes  place with the Greek veterinarians travelling to Copenhagen to stay with their hosts where they spend time in the Danish clinics, observing how a range of different cases are treated in Denmark. A group workshop may also be organised on a specific topic. The opportunity can also be taken to enjoy the social exchange between colleagues and learn something of the location.  Within a further 6 months the return exchange of Danish colleagues to Athens takes place with a similar local program. The Scholarship funding can support this by assisting with travel costs and other incidental expenses.

To obtain the second part of the Scholarship the two parties then prepare a report about their visits, and submit it with suitable photographs to the FECAVA Secretary for publication in FECAVA media and in publications of the Scholarship sponsor.

Hier lees je de uitleg...

Modern companion animal veterinary medicine increasingly has to be seen in a global perspective. The FECAVA Travel Scholarship initiative supports the appreciation of varying cultures by enabling groups of practicing small animal veterinary surgeons, from different parts of Europe, to visit each other for a few days and observe each other’s practice experience. Ideally they will also be able to participate in a joint Continuous Education event.

The scholarship, totalling €2,000 per year and administered by FECAVA, will support the exchange visits between the two groups selected each year. This is made possible through the generous support of LABOKLIN, who partner FECAVA on this project.

The recipients of the Scholarship will be announced once a year at the FECAVA Euro Congress. The deadline for applications for visits in 2018/19 is 15th April 2018.
Applications can be made by by a group of practicing companion veterinarians (minimum of 2 people), and should be sent to FECAVA Head Office (info@fecava.org ) copied to Lea Kreszinger (kreszinger@gmail.com) and Dita Stalte (lvbmdzvs@gmail.com). Applications should state their interest in the program, describing themselves or the members of their group and identifying three regions in Europe (within FECAVA Member countries) which they would like to visit and what they hope to gain from the exchange.

FECAVA will help to find a suitable exchange partner or group of colleagues in these regions in Europe who are interested in hosting their visitors for a few days and prepared to travel to their guests on a return visit. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate the expressed wish for preferred regions, FECAVA retains the right to offer an alternative region when such an opportunity exists. 

The applicants might have to submit further details or information on request by the awarding committee. All applicants have to agree that their application details can be used in publications of FECAVA or in promotional material of the Scholarship sponsor. 

All applications will be collected by the appointed FECAVA Directors Lea Kreszinger (Croatia) and Dita Stalte (Latvia), who will draw up a short list of not more than six joint applications.
A joint committee of the commercial sponsor and FECAVA will choose the recipients of the Scholarship before each annual Euro Congress.
The recipients of the Scholarship will be announced at the Euro Congress and the winner will receive  an initial € 1,000,- on condition that the first exchange visit take place no later  than 6 months and the return visit no later  than 12 months after the date of the announcement.

The further €1,000,-  of the Scholarship will be issued on receipt of a report of 300-500 words in English with photographic documentation of the first exchange by the winning two parties. This report will also be made available for publication by FECAVA and the sponsor.


Nog meer info? Surf naar de FECAVA site of contacteer Marc Vangheluwe.