General info

The 2018 SAVAB-Flanders Veterinary Congress has changed its focuse from topic to species: cats!

What we didn’t change is the location concept: each year we move to another Flemish area.
This time, we move to Brabant, and we welcome you all at “Bowling Stones” in Wemmel.  Not to play a game of bowling, or at least not during the lectures.

As we focus on one species, several aspects will be covered in the veterinary program:
- Cardiology by Pascale Smets
- Dentistry by Sara Van Cauwelaert de Wyels
- Endocrinology by Hans Kooistra (NL)
- Gastrointestinal disease by Penny Watson (UK)
- Oncology by Gerry Polton (UK)

As usual, we haven’t forgotten our technicians, who play a crucial role in dealing with cats in daily practice:
- Handling cats and dealing with behavioral problems will be covered by Christine Halsberghe
- Dental care will be dealt with by Sara Van Cauwelaert de Wyels

New to the 2018 conference
- We offer the possibility to share the 2-day registration between 2 colleagues from the same practice: one colleague for each day.  Of course both colleagues must have the same membership status to take advantage of the preferential rate.
- The advanced sessions can be attended without full conference registration

As usual, our first day of pure science will followed by an evening of fun and entertainement. It’s not difficult to find out what that will be!

Looking forward meeting you in Wemmel!

Bob Proesmans
President SAVAB-Flanders